Hey! My name’s Matt and I live near the ski areas in Salt Lake City with my wife Megan and our two daughters—Maely Gold and Lella Rey. I started creating for the web and I never stopped. Let’s grab a beer sometime. I like IPAs. Cheers!


What, what would you say… you do here? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m a designer by trade, but it’s not always clear what that means, even to me. Let me explain. More


When I teach, I learn and sharpen my own knowledge while enriching the lives of my students. Everybody wins. Learn about how and why I do this every day on top of my other responsibilities. More


For me, speaking is how I take the thought leadership I am developing with my peers and students to the next level. Learn about the topics I want to take to bigger platforms to have a greater impact. More

Unabridged Bio

A fairly exhaustive and somewhat accurate timeline and story about how I got where I am. More


Get to know me on a personal level by learning about my dreams, hobbies, likes, opinions, and beliefs. More